Key Foundation, Inc. offers a myriad of out-standing programs and services designed to foster individual self-worth, respect, creativity, and help the participant become as independent as possible.

Services are based on individual needs and desires. Our highly qualified staff focuses on each person's God-given potential and not on limitations. Each participant may receive one or more of the services listed below.

• Supported Employment
• Pre-Vocational Services
• Community Access (Group and Individual)
• Daily Living Skills
• Social Skills
• Job Training
• Residential Services
• Community Volunteer

Once Key Foundation, Inc. has been selected as your provider, an individual support plan is developed. The individual support plan includes input from the individual, parents or other family members, highly qualified staff, and an independent support coordinator. A Person Centered Plan of Care is outlined that reflects the individuals dreams, goals, and objectives. Daily progress is monitored and documented. The support plan is reviewed and modified annually, or more often if necessary, to address the individuals needs.

For more information about the specific services at Key Foundation, Inc., please call the Day Program manager at (770) 574-5550.

Self-Care Program-
Daily living skills training includes hands-on learning about meal planning, cooking, nutrition, cleaning, excercise, laundry, personal hygiene, personal grooming, sewing, public transportation, traffic signals and safety.

Basic Adult Day Training-
Basic knowledge includes reading, writing, money management, telling time, and making change. Human growth and development focuses on health, family concepts, and relationships with others.

Most individuals participate in one of three vocational programs. These are Pre-Vocational, Vocational, and Mobile Work Crew. The Pre-Vocational Program focuses on social interaction and behavior, basic personal care habits, and fundamental vocational skills. Traditional work values, ethics, and skills are taught in the Vocational Program.

Beech Creek Industries Provides transportation for program participants residing primarily in Haralson County. Transportation is provided twelve months of the year on the days on which the Center is open for operation. Transportation is provided to individuals enrolled in one or more of the centers programs.
Arrangements for transportation are made at time of admission with pick-up and drop-off points assigned based onestablished routes. The Program Manager is responsible for the transportation scheduling and area routes. Families are notified in writing of transportatin schedules upon admission and if there are any changes thereafter.

Individual arrangements are made for clients with special transportation needs, e.g., wheelchair lift, in cooperation with Beech Creek Industries Transportation. Beech Creek Industries endeavors to schedule transportation for each program participant which involves the least amount of riding times and the most convenient route. Pick-up points are usually door-to-door, but at times a congregate pick-up point will be established based on locale.

Key Foundation, Inc. residential facilities provides transportation for KFI residents to and from the community for Dr. appointments, shopping, recreation, etc. via vans