Our vision is to help adults with developmental disabilities realize their potential for a full and rich life.
Training is the Key to Success.
Key Foundation, Inc. Values

Acceptance - When we accept and love individuals with developmental disabilities for who they are, we discover they are more like us than we ever knew.
Balance - Individuals with developmental disabilities benefit from a balanced blend of appropriate training, productive experience, and legitimate opportunities to succeed.
Choice - A "Person Centered Plan" is created for each individual allowing for their voice to be heard in all matters regarding their personal life.
Dignity - The dignity and self-worth of individuals with developmental disabilities is a fundamental and guiding principal for all Key Foundation, Inc. programs and services.
Expression - Individuals with developmental disabilities possess a unique self-expression and creative abilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support individuals with developmental disabilities, help them identify and accomplish their dreams and goals.

This includes advocacy and a variety of educational, social, vocational, recreational, community access, employment, and residential programs.

These programs encourage self-reliance, achievement, and independence.